About Us & Products

About Us & Our Products:

  Prairie Woolens and Prairie Woolens Quilt Shop is a family owned business conveniently located between New York and Los Angeles, or small town Iowa (Paullina population. 938).

  Come visit our retail quilt shop and showroom in historic Paullina Iowa. We are at 203 South Wood St open: Tue, Wed & Thursday 10am - 5pm CST and other times as requested.  Just give us a call and we can certainly come up with a time!

    About Our Wool Felt:

   How does wool felt differ from other felts? Wool felt is made from blending wool and rayon (a resin fiber made from tree pulp). These wool felts feel soft to the touch. If you wash the wool felt and toss it in the dryer, expect the felt to shrink between 5% and 10% which creates a bubbly surface to the felt. Wool felt should not be confused with craft felt for craft projects which is made from nylon.  There is also 100% wool felt which is about twice the thickness of wool blended felt.  Wool felt is not the same thing as felted wool.  Felted wool is made from 100% woven wool.  "Felting" is done to shrink the wool and tighten the fibers which makes it easy to use for applique and other items.

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Thank you for shopping at Prairie Woolens! 


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